Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NC Missive April 5

It was my birthday two days ago, and the radiant happiness of the way people treat you on your birthday has mellowed to the need to write. So here I am, living life. “Twenty-four and there’s so much more.” Never Start a Quotation before introducing it, or at least giving it the appropriate context. I even miss school, and the red scratch marks my mechanically extracted essays would come home bearing (in retrospect my thesis, which consisted of an endlessly receding system of footnotes, was my envious aping of the professor’s raking claws = I can rip my shit up faster than you = the reaction of angry artist).
Plant a garden, Rent a house, Try for stardom, Bike the routes.
That’s how it’s supposed to be anyway.

Eat the pig. Pet the dog. Kill the rat, Forget the frog.
I watched Charlotte’s Web a couple weeks ago. It was wonderful. Our neighbours dumped a whole bag of mothballs next to our fence, and the wind blows their fumes all over our pure lives. It’s all carcinogenic and shit. And Greta the Weiner Dog could eat one (they were rolling under our fence), and die. *With Guilt I Realize I Has Never Met These Neighbours* “There’s poison in the air in the air boys! Put on your g- g- g- g- g- gas mmmaaaaa-s-ammma-masks!” (Name the origin of the quote, win a prize!)

People broke, People lie, People smoke, People die.
I watched Ali: Fear Eats the Soul. What a Truth movie. “We’re dealing with people who don’t think we’re human! They’re animals!” The worse off one is, the more attached one is to the illusion that sustains the image, feeling, and reality of being worse off (but the inverse is not the case.).

In short, in fine, things are going "swimmingly." I never had enough body fat to make swimming very easy, though. Perhaps things are going "ramblingly." I've always been a rambler.